we are sweet Swedes that crave a sweet world

with a big belly 3 years ago
we searched for unique clothing
for our little baby-to-be.

we wanted our baby to be just a baby
no cute little pinky, no cool little bluey.

why don´t we make a line of clothing
for our baby and friends?

inspired of our own clothes
we used to wear as kids
we went out in the world
looking for a place to
make this happen.

we made a trip to Bali
- our second home -
when our Bella was 6 months
with the intention to
come back to Sweden
with a collection of
well desgined baby clothes.

while diving into the textile industry
it became perfectly clear
that bälla-boo® would try
to do the their best
no to harm our planet
and its beings

Bali did not fit into our demands
so then, how do we do it?

Oh by the way,
when we don´t do baby clothes
we prefer to do headstands
and surfing the waves.

Kontakta oss