• The usual chemicals in the textile industry that harm our planet and its beings have not been used in the production of bälla-boo®
  • Our co-workers who have helped us with the production of bälla-boo® are grown ups who work in average 37.5 h/week with fair wages and paid holidays and are shiny happy people!
  • There are at least 20 people behind every bälla-boo item and all of these people have a life story. bälla-boo® is responsible for that story to be a good one!
  • From idea to reality it took us almost three years to complete this first collection of bälla-boo® due to our high demands on pure and clean cotton as well as a fair and a sustainable production, from cotton seed to finished garment
  • Tired of the stereotypes of boys and girls we made all models and colors unisex to fit all!           Love it, wear it and pass it on, please!
  • Together we can make a more sustainable future possible!

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