how do we do it?

The founders of bälla-boo Jennie & Johan designs the collections inspired by their daughter Bella, her friends, the ocean and everything else that is beautiful in life. We do clothing that we like to look at, clothing that is comfortable to wear at anytime, clothing that makes you happy. All garments are well designed and are of the highest quality. All models are well thought-out to be as comfy as possible. All colors and styles match perfectly well together in a fun way.

bälla-boo® is working with Dem Collective and use their manufacturing process
with total transparency and insight in the entire chain.

The textile business is one of the worst industries. It brings gigantic environmental and social problems.
A cotton farmer in India dies in avarage 20 years before his friends who have other jobs because of all the heavy chemicals that is being used in conventional farming. Many women in the industry is being sexually harrased and even raped by their supervisors. Children are working to support their families since their parents are not earning enough money with their fixed national minimum wages.

It is our responsibility to try to change this.
No more poisoness garments, no more 80 hours week of work.
We want shiny happy people as our co-workers right?

Together we can make a more sustainable future possible!

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