organic & fair cotton

Our fabric is made of 100 % organic cotton,
grown by small scale Indian farmers in Gujarat,
like Hema and her friend.

They sell their cotton to
Argocel Industries Ltd
who is responsible
for the ginning process
which means separating
the seeds from fibres.
The seeds are used as animal feed.


The price of the cotton is not based on the market price but on actual cost of living.

Agrocel´s main work is to help cotton farmers with transition from conventional to organic farming, a process that takes several years. The cotton from Agrocel is both organic and harvested in the best way, certified with Skal and FLO. This guarantees 100 % organic cotton as well as a fair production. To meet the demand for reliable organic and fair cotton fibres Agrocel has now defined and branded a cotton fibre: Agrocel® Pure & Fair Indian Organic Cotton.

Organic means grown in living soil
free from chemicals.
Instead natural pesticides are used
such as the plant Vara.

Organic also means no use of genetically modified (GM) seeds and that organic manure is used instead of artificial fertilizer. To make irrigation more effective Agrocel uses a dripping system, which saves more than 60 % of water.

When the cotton is washed and put in bales it is sent away for spinning.

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